Baltic i-float waist belt lifejacket

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Looking for a Buoyancy aid that is ideal for Paddleboarding, Surfing or for Sea Anglers then look no further than the Baltic iFloat 50N

This product is suitable for swimmers – Buoyancy Aid (50 Newtons)

Baltic iFloat 50N brand new design to give you maximum freedom and comfort, easily warn around your waist. The lung is stowed inside a soft case that is attached to the belt that is warn around your waist, to inflate simply pull the ifloat out the bag and place over your head and inflate by pulling the cord attached, you can use the mouth piece inflation tube if needed for more buoyancy or to deflate. With the freedom of movement given with the ifloat it is great for paddle boarders, canoeing, kayaking,rowing, or any other water activities.

Quick release buckle

Weight 40-130kg

Easy pull grab handle

D ring

Manual inflation

5 Year guarantee

Gas cylinder can be replaced

Simply pull the iFloat 50N out of the pocket place over your head and inflate by pulling the inflation cord.