Stohlquist X-tract Buoyancy Aid

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Fully accessorize-able lead paddler’s rescue vest is UL listed and USCG approved for livebait and strong-swimmer rescue procedures. Features an 1100 lb. tensile tested, built-in body harness and a center back-towing anchor point for added control and stability to the rescuer. Features three "Modes of Operation" versatility for a variety of rescue situations.


  • Shoulder Strap Tensile - measures the strength of the shoulder strap, the adjustment hardware and the assembly to the body of the vest. The minimum to pass the test is 150 lbs. per shoulder. Each Stohlquist vest tests to 300 lbs. per shoulder--double the standard strength! (X-traxt™ 1100 lbs. / shoulder.)

  • 300-pound zipper tensile - Vest horizontally mounted from an iron form with 300 lbs. attached perpendicular to the slide of the zipper. The effective load applied is transferred to all of the seams, giving you confidence in your PFD.

  • 1100 pound slip / 25 pound release - What do you know of that weighs 1100 pounds...a horse, maybe a small car? Imagine hanging that mass from our building’s steel girders attached only by our Quick Release "QR" belt. Guaranteed minimum slippage at 1100 pounds, yet made to release quickly and easily with no more than 25 pounds of pull on the "QR" release tab.

  • Strong-Swimmer harness - Use with the QR Belt™ and Re-traxt™ tow system for rescue and water extraction.

  • Crotch-harness capable - Add one 6 footer cam strap to your rescue kit. Position it’s Ancra buckle at front for easy release. Adds an extra measure of security for particular rescue situations.

  • Model #5501 USCG 160.064/3996/0