So it was that time of year again to make the long journey from Cornwall to Scotland for some creek boating. This was going to be the first real test of my new Sandiline drysuit. I have been using my previous Sandiline drysuit for the last 4 years and it was finally time for a new one. There have been some nice new touches to this year’s drysuit. First of all is the colours, I have gone for the black, white and red which I think looks smart but still stands out with the non-matching sleeves patterns.

They have also upgraded the waist adjustments, the new tab system runs through the whole waist so once you pull it tight it locks around the spray deck. It also works nicely in holding the dry suit up when you have the top down.

We had a great week in Scotland paddling lots of rivers in different flows. Scotland is a great place to test out a drysuit as most of the rivers we were running had long walks in, which tested the breathability of the suit. I found it worked really well, and as I spent most of the day in the suit paddling and walking around the river bed at the end of the day I was still dry.

Another feature that I found useful was the new pocket on the leg, this was a great place for the key once it was in an Aquapac. It keep in safe and out of the way.

Scotland is such a nice place to be as it has amazing scenery with some great rivers that have technical sections and some big drops. All in all it was a successful trip and definitely well worth the visit.

The drysuit held up really well on the trip and was comfortable even after wearing it for 7 days in a row. I will keep you posted on how it’s doing after a winters boating in the South West.

By Alex Read