Jackson Kayak Flow

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The Jackson Kayak Flow is designed for all skill levels. The perfect combination of confidence where you need it, and sportiness when you want it. 

Whether you are just starting out or pushing the boundaries with Class V, this boat will take care of you with a shorter, lighter, sporty ride!

Want a modern creek boat rocker profile without all the weight and volume? The Flow is just what the doctor ordered.

It has a full-on creek boat hull with a slimmed-down deck and shorter length for a lighter, nimble, easy-to-turn, easy-to-boof, easy-to-carry experience with maximum manoeuvrability


Specs Medium

Length - 8"5 / 259cm

Width - 26.75" / 68cm

Volume - 77 gal / 291 litres

Weight - 47lbs / 21.3kg

Paddler Range 120-200 lbs / 54-91kgs



  • Full planing hull
  • Super high-rockered design--both bow and stern
  • Lots of legroom for all-day comfort • Forgiving sidewall and deck shape for a forgiving, confidence-inspiring ride •
  • Sleeker, shorter, lighter, and lower volume than a full-on creek boat
  • Jackson Kayak’s Bees Knees Thigh Hook System (Patented) for increased contact and control in the thigh brace area. 
  • Jackson Kayak’s Uni-Shock Bulkhead System (Patented) – the highest shock absorbing system on the market. 
  • Jackson Kayak’s Sure-Lock Backband System (Patented) – the lightest, most user-friendly system that can be adjusted anywhere


Paddlers of every skill level--if you want to run rivers and creeks, but don't need all the volume of a full creek boat, The Flow is your dream come true. The Flow has a high-rockered hull based on the Gnarvana, in a shorter, sleeker package for a lighter, more nimble feel. It'll out-surf a creek boat, but take care of you on steeper creeks. It is super easy to roll, edge, turn, and carve around-in--making it great for beginners and experts alike. The Flow is the river-running creek boat of the future...right now!