AquaGuardz Waterproof Phone Case

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Waterproof phone case suitable for a variety of phones 
IPhones, Samsung etc (Fits Redmi 8t in case 80mm x 165mm)
Ideal for watersports, Kayak, Canoe Sup, Chilling on the beach or in the mountains,
Waterproof case allows phone to be used, making calls, texts, navigation or taking photos. Comes with a handy lanyard to attach.
As with any case, before use always test the case in a bath/ sink with dry tissue to check before inserting phone.
Ideal for storing phone, bank cards or valuables.
Total external dimensions 105mm x 197mm - (Fits Redmi 8t in case 80mm x 165mm)
Single items Sent by Royal Mail Large letter, Multiples By Ebay parcel Packlink Tracked.


Have the freedom to use your smartphone wherever you are. On the beach, in the pool, while swimming, fishing, skiing and much more. Be free to take pictures and selfies while your phone is still protected from the water or the sand, the snow or the dust.


You have invested in your phone, now make sure it is safe when you are somewhere wet or dusty. This is also a great way to protect your money, tickets and passports or car keys and keep them dry and clean. Caught out in a rainstorm? In the monsoon? Fall into the snow? Be sure that the things that matter are protected.


Having your phone protected is one thing but you want to be able to use it with ease and keep it protected. The touch sensitive cover allows you to use the phone while it is still in the case. The touch screen will work normally. You can take pictures with front and rear cameras. You can make calls too but it is not so easy to talk underwater! And all while keeping the phone safe.


In each pack there is 1 x protective waterproof case 1 x  lanyard


IMPORTANT- ALWAYS test your case in water before first use with your phone.